User Guide

Registration & Login

Accessing the portal

The WTA Media Portal is available through your web browser, from any device. You must have an approved account to view and download content. If you already have account, please login here. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

Creating an account

  1. Open the following link in an internet browser
  2. Click “Register Now
  3. Enter your email address. Please use corporate email accounts as this will help us confirm your identity.
  4. Create a secure password. You are required to use a mixture of upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters to create a secure password.
  5. Enter your full name in the “Name” field. Please do not just fill in your first name.
  6. Select a “User Category” from the dropdown menu.
  7. Click “Register”.
  8. An email will be sent to the WTA Media Portal team who authorise the new login. The team may contact you if we require more information to authorise your access to the portal.
  9. You will receive an email when your new login has been activated.

Search & Browse for Content

Searching for content

The WTA Media Portal provides a powerful search tool, available from every page. Enter a keyword (ace, highlight, profile...) or player name to find relevant content. When searching with keywords, you may apply filters to narrow down your results.

Browsing options

  • The most recently published content is displayed on the Homepage.
    Click on a result to jump to it, or 'See More Videos' to see the latest content.
  • The current tournaments are listed on the Homepage.
    Click on a competition icon to jump to all content from that competition.
  • See all available videos by clicking on the homepage button.
  • See all available documents by clicking on the homepage button.
  • Browse across all content by selecting 'Browse' in the top menu bar.

Download Content

The WTA Media Portal allows you to download media files for re-use within the terms of your relationship with WTA Media. Your user account may or may not have download permissions. If you cannot follow the steps below, please contact us.

How to Download Media

  1. Find the content you wish to download. Be sure you load the record page, where you can only see the media item in question and its associated information.
  2. Check the content to make sure this is the correct piece of media. You will preview a low-resolution version in the webpage without needing to download.
  3. To download the media, scoll down and select the Download Media button.
    this will download a high-resolution version of the content with split track audio if content is video.

NB. Some video content will only be available on the WTA Media Portal for 7 days after it has been published.

Get Notifications

The WTA Media Portal includes an emailing service which will notify you of new avalable content when it is added to the platform. You may choose to receive email notifications for all new media or only for media matching criteria you choose (e.g. 'Post Match Interview'). Please note RSS feeds are no longer supported with the addition of MRSS functionality. If you are interested in MRSS functionality, please contact us to arrange configuration for your user/organisation.

Automatic Notifications / Saved Searches

To receive email notifications for new content, you need to create Saved Searches. These allow you easily bookmark search criteria and filters to flag your interest in those results. When you have created a Saved Search, you can elect to receive email notifications when new content is added which matches that criteria.

How to create a Saved Search and receive notifications for new content

  1. Perform a search or browse to reveal the subset of content you wish to be notified about new content for.
    - If you wish to be notified for all new content, search *.
    - If you wish to be notifed about videos or documents, search * and add the appropriate Media Type filter.
  2. Click the icon beside the number of search results.
    This will allow you to save and name your search to easily identify it.
  3. Click the 'Get emails about new matching results' to choose the frequency of email notifications you wish to receive.
  4. Click 'Save' to submit your settings and start receiving email notifications for new content.

Easily check Saved Searches for new content

You can check for new results in your Saved Searches by easily performing the search again. When you click on the search bar anywhere in the platform, a dropdown will appear and you will be able to click on the search you wish to perform.

Update/delete Saved Searches to stop email notifications

At any time, you can choose to update your notification preferences for new results, and delete Saved Searches. To update your Saved Searches settings:

  1. Click on the search bar to open the dropdown menu with your saved searches.
  2. Click on the Manage option.
  3. Update your frequency preferences by choosing a new frequency option, or
    delete your Saved Search in the menu option to the right of your Saved Search.